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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults and Seniors

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day spent alone with the person you love; it can be a great day to show all the special people in your life that you care about them. Try throwing a Valentine’s Day party for the adults that you care about, and see how much fun it can be.


A Valentine’s Day party theme will bring people together and give them things to talk and laugh about.

  • Some fun themes are famous men and women clichés, famous couples, costumes, and dinner mystery.
  • All of these themes will encourage your guests to interact and have a good time.


  • Valentine’s Day decorating should start with a heavy use of red and pink; these should be the main colors for your tablecloths, napkins, and other essentials.
  • Bows and arrows and plenty of hearts are also perfect decorating ideas for this party, and they should be seen all over the place.
  • Roses can also be made out of tissue paper, floral tape, and pipe cleaners; these can be placed in vases and twisted into garlands to hang around your home.

Food and Drinks

There are a lot of fun food options that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day party.

  • For drinks, offer red or pink drinks like cranberry juice and grenadine. Champagne is a definite drink for this holiday as well.
  • Fondue is a fun meal option for a Valentine’s Day party, but you can also include aphrodisiac foods such as almonds, vanilla, sage, oysters, nuts, and asparagus—all common foods that will make the party more fun and increase the libidos of your guests.
  • A heart-shaped cake is an easy and fun way to show off your baking skills while making everyone’s sweet tooth happy. To make a heart shaped cake you will need a round and a square cake pans. Bake whatever type of cake you would like in these pans, and remove when cool. Cut the circle in half and place the half circles on conjoining sides of the square. This will make a perfect heart shape that you can frost and decorate as you like.


No party is complete without games, and there are many fun activities for adults and seniors on Valentine’s Day.

  • Board games are a lot of fun for adults, and there are a wide variety of fun ideas.
  • Karaoke is another fun way to get guests involved and having a good time.
  • The Celebrity Couple Trivia game requires guests to answer questions about famous celebrity scandals.
  • For the True or False game separate guests into group and ask true or false questions. Remember to base your questions on sex, relationships, love, and marriage and all other things related to Valentine’s Day. Give each person a sticker when they get something right, and the person with the most stickers is the winner.


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