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How to Build a Snow Fort

A great winter activity to have as a family or with friends is to build two snow forts and defend them during snowball fights.

A snow fort or snow castle consists of walls of piled and compacted snow and — typically — do not include a roof. They may be “closed” or “opened” — that is, a person in the snow fort may be completely surrounded by the walls on all sides, or the person may be completely exposed except in one direction. The opened variation is used for snowball fights where opponents have forts facing each other and attack exclusively from their own fort.

Construction Methods

There are several ways to build walls for your snow fort. For each method, fresh and wet snow will give the best results.

  • Pile, press, and/or carve out snow by hand, possibly with the aid of a snow shovel.
  • Roll out several large balls of snow as if making a snowman. Line them up in a protective barrier, and use loose snow as mortar to hold them together.
  • Create snow blocks by shovelling snow into a five gallon bucket or a recycle bin and then compacting it. If made out of wet snow and left to freeze overnight, these blocks become almost indestructible.

Snow Fort Design

As you can see from the pictures below there are many ways to design a snow fort!

  • Snow forts are usually at least knee-height and one-roomed.
  • Forts built for snowball fights may be higher and include sections where the wall is lower, through which the occupants throw snowballs.
  • Existing structures such as the walls or concave corners of a building can be used as part of the snow fort, allowing for faster and easier construction.
  • A snow fort can also be a tunneled-out burrow built in a large snow drift.
  • And for a realistic castle look, you can build a tower, simulate a parapet walk, add loopholes, and plant a flag.



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